The Lab Network Will Use AMI to Drive Collaboration and Innovation

Submitted bytodd.mcdonald onFri, 02/19/2021 - 09:44

The “National Collaboration Strategy for the Mining Industry”, launched by Canada’s Energy and Mines Ministers in 2017, highlighted the need for stakeholders from all areas of the mining ecosystem to collaborate and address the “innovation imperative” to solve the sector’s challenges. 

The strategy also identified a number of barriers to collaboration and the steady decline in the number trained professionals available to participate in collaboration initiatives.  Established in 2018, the Canadian Mining Science & Engineering Laboratory Network is responding to these challenges and creating a platform for collaboration to drive innovation in science in the Canadian minerals and metals industry.

Currently comprised of COREM, CEMI, CanmetMINING, Hydro-Quebec, Laurentian University, Mirarco, NRC, Ontario Genomics and Waterloo University, the Lab Network aims to expand and engage all members of the Canadian Mining Industry.

AMI will be the platform of choice in achieving the Network’s mandate. Mining organizations will be able to share their expertise, capabilities and assets, as well as their ongoing projects. A quick search will make it possible for mining organizations to find others in the field who are working in similar or complimentary areas, allowing for potential collaborations.

Through shared knowledge, leveraged resources, a culture of sharing and open communications the Canadian Mining Sector can support itself in addressing strategic priorities, improve competitiveness, and achieve innovation at a faster rate.